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3D Model Printing For: Architects,
Drafters, Builders, Civil Engineers


3D printouts at any detail level, ranging from a basic solid color, to having transparent windows, textured surfaces, any interior or exterior mini-models and full color unique models. Our very economical price quotes are uniquely based on the work involved.

3D Model Printing For: Mechanics,
Machinists, Repairmen, Custom Gears & Cogs

We can take hand-drawn or 3d models of any kind of hard gaskets, precision gears and cogs, obsolete engine parts, rare tools, etc.

3D Model Printing For Home Use

Anything you can imagine with or without customized names, logos, symbols, etc:
Cookie cutters, custom novelty jewelry, chess/checker pieces, otter boxs'...

What We Do...

100% professional 3d printing. Accurate to 0.1mm (0.0039in), custom 3D printed or molded objects. From CAD models, drafting drawings, written descriptions, etc... For projects from highly-detailed AutoCad models, to anything hand-drawn.

Our Modeling Tools: AutoCAD 2014, Autodesk Maya 2012 64-bit, SketchUp 2014, Blender, Lumion/3D Video Fly-Bys, Open SCAD r06.18.13, Slic3r v0.9.10., Repetier-Host v1.0.+
(P)oly(LA)ctide, PLA is a new type of polyester derived entirely from plants (primarily corn and potatoes). The process begins with 100% plant starch, which gets isolated from the other components of the plant and gets turned into sugar. The sugar is fermented in a process similar to making yogurt to create lactic acid. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring material that gives the “tang” to yogurt and makes your muscles ache after a work-out. From lactic acid a molecule called lactide is created. Water is then removed and it's transforms into the high-performance polymer – polylactide (PLA).

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