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The Organization

Fife Lake Lakefront Property Owners Association (FLLPOA) is organized as a non-profit Corporation whose mission is to preserve, maintain and ensure the pristine quality of Fife Lake for generations to come.

Planning and implementation of programs are carried out by an elected board consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and nine Directors.


FLLPOA holds its annual meeting in July each summer to elect officers and directors for the upcoming year.

In addition the board meets four times for planning and execution of projects and 30days prior to the annual meeting.

Friends of Fife Lake Membership:

What does a Friends of Fife Lake Membership do for you?

Association membership gives you a voice in addressing all issues affecting the quality of life on and surrounding Fife lake including:

Eurasian Milfoil Control
Swimmers Itch
Gypsy Moth Control
Loon Nesting and protection
Fishery Development
Keyhole legislation
Water Quality Testing
Civic Representation
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What is a friend of Fife Lake?

A friend of Fife Lake can be anyone who uses Fife Lake for boating, fishing, canoeing or vacation resorting and wants to make a difference when it comes to preserving Fife Lake's special natural qualities.

Stakeholders in the future of this beautiful lake are also the sons, daughters and grand children of owners who stand to inherit this exceptional landscape someday.

As a friend of Fife Lake you will have the right to offer your opinions at meetings, receive new of issues affecting the lake, and most importantly, assist the riparian owners in preserving Fife Lake for future generations to enjoy!

Friends of Fife Lake 
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FLLPOA Updates: 

Special Assessment Petitions to
Fife Lake and Springfield Townships

Informational Links:

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Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data

Swimmers Itch

Eurasian Milfoil

Help Protect Our Lake!
Help Stop The Growth of Milfoil In Fife Lake

Fife Lake Neighbor,

Greetings from your Fife Lake Lakefront Property Owners Association Board (FLLPOA)! What a year it has been. The season drew to a close with a final milfoil treatment in early October. While there was still milfoil in the lake at the end of the 2006 season Iím pleased to report that the lake was useable throughout this past season unlike the 2005 summer season. A big thanks to all that voluntarily contributed both financially and physically to this effort. The fall of 2006 saw the creation of a Special Assessment District specifically to fund weed control in Fife Lake. The two local townships agreed to form this district but did not agree to everything the FLLPOA Special Assessment Committee requested in its petition. The good news is your association wonít be harassing you for more money every few months. The down side is the local townships have taken full responsibility for the treatment process and have hired a lake engineer, Progressive AE, who in turn hired a chemical applicator named PLM. This all happened amid the protests of your association board and the special assessment sub committee. There is a glimmer of good news; the townships have agreed to form an ad-hoc committee consisting of one person from Fife Lake Township (Bob Meyer, also now deputy township supervisor in addition to various other township duties), one person from Springfield Township (Phil Sorenson) and one person from the FLLPOA Board (John Strobridge). This committee will have oversight over this seasonís treatment process and will report back to the two township boards regarding the results. Feel free to show up at your township board meetings and observe how your local government works! If you are a permanent resident of the Fife Lake area consider getting actively involved in your township boards!

There are some folks that have questioned the continued need for a lakefront owners association now that there is a Special Assessment District in place. The answer is an emphatic yes, there is a need! The mission has changed from fund raising and treating the lake to that of oversight and caretaker of our assessment tax money. It is now more important than ever to be a member of FLLPOA. The townships have the mechanical responsibility we once had but we now have a responsibility to insure our assessment tax dollars are being spent prudently and in the most efficient way. This wonít happen unless we as riparian owners stick together and speak with one voice. Many of you are not permanent residents of the Fife Lake community and therefore have no voting power in local elections. As a member of the association you at least have a conduit to your local township government. Here is more good news! Your Board has decided to wave all dues for the calendar season. It is our goal to get all 191 riparian owners signed on as association members. Future yearís dues are anticipated to be no more than $10, just enough to cover communication expenses.

We are seeking any and all persons interested in being FLLPOA board officers and board members. If you have any interest at all in being involved with the board please contact Jerry Cherwinski at 1-810-686-6505 and leave a message if no one answers or send an e-mail to

We are also trying to compile a data base of all membership e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. E-mail can speed up the communication times and save money. Please respond to with your name, lake address and telephone numbers that you can be reached at throughout the year. If you donít have an e-mail address please locate a friend or relative that does. Also keep an eye on and click on FLLPOA. We will try to keep this site up to date. See you in July!


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