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Rules & Instructions
The Garbage Pail Kids Game is a strategy board game based on Othello.

Play on behalf of the Garbage Pail Kids or the Cabbage Patch Kids
in a popularity contest to determine the winner!

The game is played on an 8×8 grid... totaling sixty-four square areas to gain control of.
Select one adjoining new square per turn [to add/extend your popularity on the board].
After a turn, any squares covered by your opponent, between your squares, are now replaced...

The OBJECT is to have the most popularity (squares) when the last new empty square is covered...

Programmer's Note: This puzzle game is entirely based on the William Shakespeare story
OTHELLO, written in 1603 and the inspired-by video games.
The computer's AI is based on the 'hard' setting from the mid '80s Nintendo version. -Don B.

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