Garbage Pail Kids Pictures & Symbolism

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Possible Hidden Messages, Editorials or Metaphors from the Artists

The most well-known example of this is also the most well-known Garbage Pail Kid. The 80's political commentary was often fear of nuclear war, with civilizations and world peace in infancy with the military power to destroy the entire planet.  

Besides just being a cool card, kids eventually outgrew their 'dolls' (Cabbage Patch Kids). Popular movies at the time were Friday the 13th and Halloween. The most popular music at the time was 'Thriller' about zombies.  

 The fake alter-ego: after Garbage Pail Kids Pictures could no longer bare the 'likeness' of Coleco's Cabbage Patch Kids, the GPK logo and art had to change, but the satire would continue. Like a 'Weird Al' song where imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this view is apparently not Coleco's.

In the 80s', New York City was having a garbage crisis where street cleaning and sanitation efforts could not meet the city's needs. This is also a cleaver play on the word 'Garbage'.

Another flat-out cool card, possibly a commentary on politicians in general (in this case, 'Resident Of The United States') just talking-the-talk to get elected. 'Snooty Sam' from os3 could also be political commentary on veterans not getting the care they deserve after returning from wars.

Before the word 'emoticon' or the use of them as a meaningless and quick gesture, this card captures saying 'fine' or 'good' when people ask how your doing. A real answer would take an hour, but the response is just as heartfelt as 'Have a nice Dave'. 

Nice toilet paper.

If you look closely at these 2 cards, they may be 2 separate views of the same scene. Totaled Todd (237) is drawn from a closer viewpoint of where he landed from being ejected from Rusty Heap (247). The horizon colors are the same, the car parts missing from 247 are in 237, both images are still smoking and the tires, steering wheel, front head light, etc all fit together.

Use your own imagination on this one... :)