Cooghan Buoso Da Dovara


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Cooghan is just a great, great Rottweiler. Bred by our friend Bruno Morstabilini/Kennel Buoso da Dovara, whom is in our opinion one of the very best Rottweiler Breeders in the world, Cooghan was his personal working dog. Big at 66cm and 120lbs, Cooghan is chisled, super dry, huge power and without doubt one of the toughest dogs you will ever come across and his pedigree dictates it. Beauty, exceptional movement and ultra clear in the head, Cooghan is a very rare find.

Cooghan was sold after he broke his P1 and was unable to be shown; a tragedy that happens to many great dogs and one that Bruno has never really been settled about.

The pedigree is legendary in great, tough Rottweilers: Sired by the great Gauna v Sonnenhugel, that is without doubt a great asset on all levels of a Rottweiler pedigree and in my opinion one of the most important Rottweiler's of his time. When Gauna was in North America for a few shows, which he blew everything out of the water, he is still remembered by many and of those, they still think of him as the best ever. Gauna comes from some of the biggest and hardest Rotts ever, going back through Furstenweisen to the doubled up breeding of the legendary bad boy BS'78 Int'l CH Benno v Allgauer Tor SchHIII, FH, Gekort bis EzA, HD-, plus his sire's (BISS Am CH Dux v Hungerbuhl Sch I Gek.b. EzA HD-) brother WS'73 KS'71'72 SCHWZ.S'71'72 Int'l CH Bulli v Hungerbuhl SchHII HD +/- Gek.b. EzA is brought in also for one highly potent bloodline.

Cooghan's dam, the beautiful and very powerful Quasama dei Floriopoli, from Italy's hard working kennel dei Floriopoli, is line bred 3/3 on the great producing legend EJS'94 Jackomo vd Bleichstrasse SchH III, IPOIII,AD, BH, ZtPR and brings Jackomo through the legendary bad boy USRC National Sieger, Dt.VDH-Ch Vico vd Flugschneise SchH III, AD, BH, ZtPR, HD-, ED- (whom I had the great opportunity to spend several days with in my truck) and the beast of a Rott and the heavily titled Indio dell Antico Guerriero SchHIII, IPOIII, ZtPR. Throw into this the great, great working son of Vico and Italy's Top Working Rottweiler IT.CH Gill dei Floriopoli BH ZtP SchHIII IPOIII HD- ED-, WS'94 ES'94 BS'94 KS'93 WJS'91 Ken v Schwaiger Wappen SchIII, FH, AD, IPOIII Gek,HD-, Int/Am Ch WS' 90, ES' 90, BJS'87, O-BS Benno vd Schwarzen Heide SchHIII, IPO III, FH, ZtPR, TT, AD, CGC HD Frei, Int.CH, O-KS '95 Doc vd Teufelsbrucke SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, Gek, HD-, Int.Ch, DT.VDH-CH, ES'93, KS '91'92 Noris v Gruntenblick FH, AD, BH, SchHIII, IPOIII, Gek, HD-, BS'83 Int'l Select CH Cendy vom Siedlerpfad SchHI,FH, Gekort bis Eza, Ambassador v Freienfels SchHIII, FH, AD, Gekort bis EzA, ZtPR, HD- ,vBS '85 Morris v Rauchfang SchHIII, IPOIII, FH, AD, GEKORT bis EzA and BS'78 Int'l CH Benno v Allgauer Tor SchHIII, FH, Gekort bis EzA, HD- twice AGAIN! get the picture.


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