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Story and Instructions
Southtown War is a parody REINACTMENT strategy board game based during the settlement era of Fife Lake.

Play as either (the historically accurate founder) "WILLIAM FIFE"
or CHANGE HISTORY by playing as the misunderstood train robber "SOUTHTOWN MADDOG".

The game is played on an 8×8 grid of land... totaling sixty-four square areas to gain control of.
Select one adjoining new area per turn [to extend your influence over that area's villagers] to then control it.
After a play, any areas under your opponent's control that are now contained in a straight line between
two areas under your control are automatically pressured into switching its previous allegiance...

The OBJECT is to have the most land under your control when the last new empty area is reached...

Programmer's Note: Southtown Wars is entirely based on the William Shakespeare story OTHELLO,
written in 1603 and the inspired-by computer games. The basic plot is hero vs villain, light vs dark, etc...
but the symbolism in the actual story opens itself to anyone's own interpretation.
The computer's AI is based on the 'hard' setting from the early '80s Atari 2600 version. -Don

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Computer is William Fife
Computer is Southtown MadDog

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